About Us

Twelve for Twelve Limited was registered in 2018 in London, United Kingdom. The company is involved in financial speculation in the field of private exchange of electronic money and trading with cryptocurrency. We work with dozens of local crypto farms and always know where to buy bitcoins at an incredibly low price. Due to sharp price fluctuations of cryptocurrency we benefit greatly profit when conducting high margin trading. At the time when the price cryptocurrency decline, we have an opportunity to buy this large sum. That's why we attract investors and increase the capital reserves of electronic currency.

The main goal of Twelve for Twelve Limited is to attract sufficient financial turnover for the launch of company's own point of electronic currency exchange, as well as an automated platform for buyers and sellers. A kind of private exchange of the company should be started as ICO in 2020 and will become a comprehensive solution to search and buy bitcoins and other types of modern cryptocurrency. Today, cooperation with Twelve for Twelve can be your first step to solving global challenges, and we urged you to go this way with us, together. Now we can only promise each investor full technical support from our side, quick deposits, a stable daily income and instant payments.

Twelve for Twelve Limited offers only one type of investment strategy, but thanks to it, you can earn over the years!

Certificate of incorparation
Twelve for Twelve Limited

Company number 11505497
Incorporated on 8 August 2018
25 North Row, London W1K 6DJ,
United Kingdom